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Account-Based Marketing

Integrate Gifting into your ABM strategy

Postal can help you open more doors, deliver more meaningful conversations for your sellers and help you accelerate your pipeline

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Reach the "hard to reach" prospects

Buyers are experiencing digital overload as they receive hundreds of useless emails everyday. Engaging with direct mail and gifts can be the extra touch it takes to move accounts to the next stage of the funnel.

More meaningful conversations for sellers

Drive target accounts to speak with sales by sending gift invites that engender good will. Recipients are more motivated to take action by offering personalized gifts such as a tumbler from their alma mater.

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Boost your digital campaigns

Incorporating gifting into ABM strategies enhances the ROI of your personalized outreach. Stop relying solely on digital ads when you can achieve response rates over 60% with Postal's campaigns!

Postal has become a crucial part of our ABM campaigns. We've been able to close twice as many high-value accounts that come into our funnel. Postal gives us an edge that our competition hasn't adopted yet, and allows us to effectively track everything our team sends!”

Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker

SVP Marketing