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Goodbye Corporate Swag Closet

Remove the hassle and logistical pain of managing a physical swag closet. Leave your ideation, design, creation, shipping, and storage of your corporate swag to us.

Customizable Swag Providers

Effortlessly create custom swag bundles and on-demand personalized gifts

Our Concierge team can source and manage curated, branded, specialty items and experiences that are guaranteed to surprise and delight your prospects and clients. The custom items can be sent on-demand or warehoused by Postal's partner network.

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Work smarter not harder

Postal removes the logistical burden of swag management, helping you modernize your program and allowing you to scale your efforts. Save 20+ hours a week on swag management with Postal.

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Keep your favorite swag vendor

If it works for you, it works for us. We know you have vendors you already know and love. With Postal, you can link up your preferred vendor to streamline the warehousing and shipping process.

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“Postal takes the headache out of managing customer send lists in spreadsheets, removes the human capital aspect of purchasing, packaging and sending in a timely manner, and lastly gives you eyes into ROI on your swag spend.”

Abe Bergan

Abe Bergan

Sr. Director of Business Operation - Opendorse

Delight Your Customers With Unique, Curated Gifts and Experiences That Will Drive ROI

Gain access to a curated marketplace of over 500 unique gifts and experiences

Make your digital marketing efforts more effective

Use direct mail to build and accelerate your sales pipelines


increase in
pipeline creation


close rate increase


increase in
sales conversion

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