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Customer Experience

Customer Experience - Delivered

Build a deeper relationship with your account champions through the Postal direct mail and gifting platform. Boost retention, drive more advocacy and help build more connective tissue between your team and your customers.

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Appreciation automated

Use Postal Playbooks to automate the sending of gifts or direct mail throughout the lifetime of a subscription or contract! Renewal rates will increase as well as your customer lifetime value.

Transform customers into advocates

Need more reviews to move your way up the market leaderboard? Postal can help you encourage customers to refer new business and become a champion for yours.

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Improve retention

Your clientele needs more than a monthly newsletter to maintain loyalty to your brand. Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can lead to a 25-95% profit increase.

“Delighting customers is the #1 priority here at Qualia. With Postal we are able to manage our offline engagement strategy and measure the effectiveness. We’ve had amazing feedback from our customers after virtual events like virtual happy hours or wine tastings executed through Postal.”

Brian Thome

Brian Thome

VP of CS at Qualia


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