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Customer gifting that helps retain and grow your profits

Select and send curated, personalized gifts and experiences that will generate business and create happy clients.

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Memorable Moments at Scale

Gifts for any budget that are easy to send scale by integrating into your CRM and marketing automation platforms to increase conversions from your playbook and nurturing sequences.

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Elevate your ABM strategy

Incorporating gifting into ABM strategies enhances the ROI of your personalized outreach. Stop relying solely on digital ads when you can achieve response rates over 60% with Postal's campaigns!

Adding gifting and direct mail to help you hit your targets

Increase engagement with marketing-qualified accounts

Get more value from your marketing budget

Accelerate pipeline velocity

Postal has become a crucial part of our ABM campaigns. We've been able to close twice as many high-value accounts that come into our funnel. Postal gives us an edge that our competition hasn't adopted yet, and allows us to effectively track everything our team sends!”

Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker

SVP Marketing


Incentive Campaigns

Acquire high value customers with low cost campaigns.

Reduce customer acquisition costs

Book more meetings with personalized gifts

Create engagement that drives action

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ABM Execution

Accelerate Lead Conversion and Shorten Sales Cycles

Get in front of target accounts by personalizing offline campaigns that elicit response and action. The average time for leads to convert to an opportunity is 84 days and sales cycles can last over a year. To expedite this process, you need differentiating experiences such as direct mail, gifts and virtual events to compliment your digital strategy.

Postal helps accomplish this with Triggers, a feature that automates gifts and mail in-sequence from your native sales platform.
Postal helps drive action that shortens this process.


Leverage Unique Postal Features to Automate Your Sending

Easily create Triggers based on specific actions

Use Playbooks to automate ongoing campaigns

Improve your sales and marketing workflows

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Incentive Campaigns

Hard to Reach Decision Makers LOVE Gifts

90% of businesses only buy from those who they trust. Personalized direct mail and gifts help communicate this when leveraged in tandem with digital strategies. Postal can help your sales team reach deep into the buying committees of organizations. Mail and gifts can add more value to your solution and messaging, enabling your reps to onboard more buyers and close larger deals.

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Delight Your Customers With Unique, Curated Gifts and Experiences That Will Drive ROI

Gain access to a curated marketplace of over 500 unique gifts and experiences

Make your digital marketing efforts more effective

Use direct mail to build and accelerate your sales pipelines


increase in
pipeline creation


close rate increase


increase in
sales conversion

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