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Postal Customer Testimonials

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“Before working with Postal, we were struggling with how to streamline our direct mail and gifting. Our process was too manual and we could not find the right partner to meet our needs. Postal was simple to set up and automate, which allowed us to see increased engagement after our first campaign!”

Postal creates authentic connections

“ Customizing and automating our direct mail efforts has always been a challenge. Postal provided us with an easy way to accomplish our goals and allowed us to significantly improve conversions. ”

“ Our team loves to leverage technology, but that also means any new product we use needs to easily integrate into our existing workflow. Postal provided us with unlimited integrations and made the setup process quick and stress free! ”

“ Wow! We’re a small business and recently started using Postal to create more meaningful connections to our customers. We’re really impressed with the product and couldn’t be happier with the results we’ve achieved. ”

“ Working with Postal has been amazing! Their team is extremely supportive and is always recommending ways that we can further optimize our campaigns to get a better ROI. ”

Full suite platform from creation to delivery

Postal.io powers direct mail with machine learning, customizable workflows and human-like personalization to create experiences that drive conversions.

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