Webinar - Postal for Beginners: August 12th @ 11AM PT / 2PM ET

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Want to see how Postal can help improve engagement?

Let us set you up with a free account so you can use Postal for automated direct mail and gifting to boost conversions and acquire more customers.

Postal is the system of action for all your offline marketing needs

Leverage direct mail quickly and easily through Postal’s creation to delivery platform. It’s a single place for Team Management, Content Curation, Workflow Automation

Team Management

Postal provides an easy way to manage users, budget, and hierarchy to control the spend of your offline strategy.

Single Sign On

Single sign on through Salesforce or Google SSO with permission pull through

Hierarchy Setup

Marketing and sales leadership can manage user access with multi-team hierarchy model with admins and users

Best-in-class Budgeting

Manage budget for individual users or team pooling with multiple billing options including invoicing for larger teams

“Personal handwritten notes and prospect gifting have always been a key part of our enterprise strategy, now we can finally scale and track it with Postal.”

Alex German

VP Sales - Hive