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Integrated and Automated Direct Mail and Gifting to Increase Engagement

Streamline your sales and marketing workflows to make authentic connections offline with your customers

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Improve Response Rates and Boost Your Conversions

With Postal's ease of use, sales reps and marketers can get connected and begin integrating personalized direct mail into workflows seamlessly.

Import leads, design content, and send your first campaign in minutes

Leverage AI Handwriting, Triggers and Sequences to automate workflows

Send gifts to only those prospects that accept an invite to connect

Boost conversion rates across the entire funnel
Redefine How You Engage With Your Customers

Redefine How You Engage With Your Customers

Postal provides a easy way to quickly engage with customers in the offline world, so that you can rise about the digital noise and make an authentic connection.

Personalize engagement to directly connect offline with customers

Counter the decline of response rates in digital channels

Create new opportunities by adding Postal to your marketing and sales strategy

Seamless workflow integration

Marketing and sales teams can utilize direct mail and gifting in your existing workflows that are set up in your automation platforms.

How Sales Uses Postal In Sequence

Generate leads with a personalized approach from the assigned rep that includes AI handwriting, branded content, and curated gifting playbooks

Create and Store Content

Marketing and sales leadership can set pre-approved templates, designs, and Postal gifts for sales reps to access

In Sequence Automation

Integrate with your existing systems like Salesforce or Outreach to trigger messages to go out automatically

Postal Anywhere Extension

Postal can be accessed on any site and will search your CRM for the contact and allow you to select and send the direct mail templates from that page

Stand out from the competition

“Before working with Postal, we were struggling with how to streamline our direct mail and gifting. Our process was too manual and we could not find the right partner to meet our needs. Postal was simple to set up and automate, which allowed us to see increased engagement after our first campaign!”

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Set up your account for free in just a few minutes and get started making custom Postals to add into your marketing and sales campaigns

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Ready to try it out?

Set up your account for free in just a few minutes and start customizing Postals to add into your marketing and sales campaigns

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