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Software and Hardware

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Software and Hardware

Identifying effective channels to connect and engage with your prospects is becoming more difficult to accomplish for software and hardware companies. Online tactics are limited and businesses are looking for new ways to succeed.

Enhance your marketing strategy and improve your ROI by adding Postal into your workflows

Increase engagement and move leads further down your sales funnel

Automate direct mailing and gifting to improve conversions and close more deals

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Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Effectively engaging medical professionals in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries has become increasingly painful. Marketing and Sales teams have to navigate around a regulatory maze, while also dealing with various budget cycles and buying committees.

Integrate Postal with your sales engagement platform to boost the effectiveness of your campaigns

Break through the limits of calls and emails, by using direct mail and gifting to make a connection with your prospects

Automate and customize your offline strategy to stand out among your competitors

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

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Establishing trust is a critical goal for finance companies looking to acquire new business. First you need to build a reputation for your financial expertise and demonstrate that you can consistently add value.

Improve how you sell financial services by incorporating personalized offline campaigns

Send your prospects unique direct mail and gifts to better communicate your value proposition

Establish trust by going beyond email and calls to create meaningful connections with offline strategies

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Real Estate

Building your brand as the expert in your Real Estate niche is extremely important, as it is the foundation for creating client confidence in your business. In order to achieve this goal, you need to first ensure you have the best marketing tools to allow you to make an impact.

Automate the sending of personalized direct mail to reconnect with potential buyers

Leverage Postal to follow up with targeted gifts after a buyer closes on a property

Elevate your engagement strategy by incorporating Postal to your sales process

Stand out from the competition

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Marketing in the Insurance industry has become increasingly competitive and is constantly evolving. To keep your customer acquisition costs low you must differentiate your company to ensure your content is unique and valued.

Use offline campaigns to communicate how you can provide value for your prospects

Showcase your specialization via personalized brochures that can be sent automatically based on rules you define

Follow up offline with personalized gifts after you close a deal with a client

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MLM and Franchise

Finding new franchisees or distributors and establishing an authentic connection with them is challenging. Your long term success is dependent on bringing the right people on board and building strong relationships.

Use Postal to control and automate your offline messaging with your prospects

Customize direct mail to better highlight how your offering can benefit potential franchisees or distributors

Measure the effectiveness of your offline campaigns and optimize your Cost Per Touch

MLM and Franchise

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