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Need some guidance to plan your holiday gifting campaigns?

Our Holiday Gifting Guide covers everything from recent trends, to gifting concepts relevant to your role. Download today to take your professional relationships to the next level this holiday season!

Postal Holiday Gifting Guide


Tis’ the Season for Holiday Gifting

The Holiday season is around the corner! With most in-person events cancelled this year, organizations are looking into new solutions to spread holiday cheer from a distance. Whether that’s with employees or customers, sending corporate gifts around the holidays is a tradition that even a pandemic can’t change!

In this Holiday Gifting eBook, we will cover everything from gifting trends, to the etiquette of sending holiday gifts, and even some ideas for you to explore! We hope you gain some helpful knowledge to make this holiday season one to remember.

Tis’ the Season for Holiday Gifting


Corporate Holiday Gifting Trends

To help you get a better idea of the gifting landscape for this upcoming holiday season, here are some corporate gifting trends we’ve identified.

1. Americans LOVE Holiday Gifting

Last year, holiday spending plans were at all time highs at roughly $942 per person, with the entire country spending around 1 trillion dollars.

2. Less Travel, More Staying at Home

Travel spending for the week ending September 19th, 2020 was down 45% from last year. Expect less people to be traveling and more to be around their houses.

3. Virtual Events Are at All-Time Highs

The number of organizations that have planned virtual events have doubled since last year. Gifts that compliment virtual get-togethers will perform well.

4. Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Gift that enable people to stay healthy are fantastic options as 55% of Americans said the crisis was a good opportunity to make lifestyle changes.

5. Sustainable or Charitable Options are Highly Regarded

Products that reduce our impact on the environments or give back to communities will profoundly resonate with everyone.


What This Means for Businesses

A Capgemini report found that 75% of organizations believe themselves to be customer-centric, but only 30% of consumers agreed. Disconnect between consumers and brands are at all time highs, and trust is paramount in bridging this.

The upcoming holiday season provides organizations with the opportunity to not only build better relationships internally with customers, but also improve their outside sales and marketing efforts with relevant, personalized gifts.

  • 88% of marketers who used personalization have seen a measurable lift in business results
  • 94% of top executives believe gifts facilitates a deeper personal connection and are important to business success
  • Gifts can increase sales revenue by 300%
What This Means for Businesses


Planning Your Gifting Campaigns With Postal

Before we start going deeper into gifting, we want to disclose you should NEVER solely rely on gifting, but rather use it to compliment your existing digital efforts. Brand parity is key when adding gifting to your omnichannel approach.

It’s also important to know what delays you may encounter when planning out your campaigns. Click here to view our Help Center article on 2020 Holiday Gifting Planning and Strategies.

Important things to review and setup in your Postal account to get going include:

Add Funds -> Set a Budget -> Approve Marketplace items to send -> Setup up Campaigns, Playbooks and Triggers

Planning Your Gifting Campaigns With Postal


The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Giftings


  • Budget Carefully
  • Use research to personalize
  • Be mindful of your humor and sarcasm
  • Consider cultural nuances
  • Show gratitude to nurture relationships
  • Establish a “Gifting Code of Conduct” in your sales organization
  • Double check mailing / contact information


  • Put off gifting campaigns to the last minute
  • Use cliché or overgeneralized holiday messaging
  • Disregard or forget about certain recipients
  • Over-personalize or try predicting someone’s interests
  • Intrude on privacy
  • Come off as overlypromotional
  • Assume the recipient celebrates certain holidays
The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Giftings


Holiday Gifting Concepts for Demand Generation

Whether you’re trying to get higher quality leads in your funnel, or want to enhance your existing nurture tracks, here are some holiday gifting concepts and ideas for Demand Generation:

  • Automate smaller eGift cards within outbound prospecting efforts using Postal Playbooks and Triggers
  • Identify steps in nurture sequences that have higher conversion rates and supplement these steps with gifts
  • Use charitable donations as encouragement for prospects to engage with your brand’s content or take meetings
  • Find a nice holiday-themed gift in Postal’s Marketplace and use it as a lead magnet to generate sign-ups for virtual events
  • Send gifts to partners to generate more word-of-mouth referrals
  • Books that align with your intentions to spread wisdom are a great choice here
Holiday Gifting Concepts for Demand Generation


ABM Holiday Gifting Strategies

Looking to create stronger relationships within high-value accounts? Here are some holiday gifting tactics to enhance your ABM strategies.

  • Use lead scoring within your tech stack to quantify the resources allocated to certain gifting campaigns

    » Similarly, use a segmentation strategy based on characteristics of your accounts (stage in buyers journey, number of stakeholders, deal size, etc.) to group campaigns

  • Spend time personalizing the gift and messaging - to get the most out of your gifting budget, this is a must
  • “1-2 punch” gifts to book meetings » Example: Send prospect a golf driver cover and say if they take the meeting, you’ll send them the driver as well
  • When trying to up-sell larger accounts or extend a contract, try sending a holiday card followed up with a nice bottle of alcohol or some festive sweet treats
ABM Holiday Gifting Strategies


Holiday Gifting to Create More Wins for Your Sales Org

Every sales organization has those deals in the pipeline that just keep producing more roadblocks and prolong the sales cycle. Expedite them to convert by sending strategic holiday gifts! Here are some ideas and concepts:

  • Compliment your personalized videos when booking meetings by offering gifts to motivate stakeholders

    » Postal’s gift emails and MagicLink enables you to offer a gift as a hyperlink in an email sequence

    » Arrange the classic “Meeting for coffee?” inquiry virtually by offering an eGift card for coffee
  • Augment your educational nurture sequences with gifts People are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it’s been wrapped in a story

    › Ensure your nurture content tells the story of your brand and the value your solution provides

    › Attribute the messaging and theme of your gifts within your workflows to this
Holiday Gifting to Create More Wins for Your Sales Org


Customer Experience

A survey of B2B companies in Adobe’s 2020 Digital Trends Report disclosed that customer experience was the most exciting business opportunity of 2020. To minimize customer disconnect, the holiday season can be a great time to strengthen relationships and bring your clientele closer to your brand.

  • Reward your customers who achieved the best results using your product

    » This is a great way to congratulate a select few as the year draws to a close... you can even make a unique name for this reward and start giving them out annually

    • At most companies, 5% of the customers bring in a third of the revenue...make sure you reciprocate this value your top clients provide

    • This is where Postal Playbooks can automate retention efforts by sending gifts throughout the lifetime of a contract or subscription

    » Set your Playbooks to include seasonal gifts around the holidays for an additional level of personalization

Customer Experience


Employee Appreciation

Your employees mean everything to your organization and always come first. Here are some fun ways to boost loyalty and productivity around the office during the holidays.

  • What’s life without a little competition? Reward high performers with an item such as a holiday gift basket containing treats for their whole family

    » You can also award them with seasonal decorations to spice up their workspace

  • WFH? No problem there! What better way to build company culture during the holidays, than by bringing everyone together for a virtual happy hour featuring a seasonal drink?
  • Welcome new hires to your organization with a relevant and personalized gift from the company to spread holiday cheer
  • Looking to fill a big role at your company this holiday season? Go a step further to attract top talent by offering a seasonal gift as an act of kindness after an interview or meeting
Employee Appreciation


Corporate Holiday Cards

This eBook wouldn’t be complete without a section about Holiday Cards! Featured here are a variety of direct mail pieces in our Marketplace that fit any seasonal occasion. The best part about sending holiday cards is that they can be used for ANYTHING.

From a fun corporate holiday card to send around the company, to a “Thank You” note to all clientele, physical advertisements require 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital ads, leading to more emotional processing and increased loyalty.

Holiday cards from your organization are best used to increase loyalty and awareness, as opposed to promotional intentions. Be genuine with your messaging and rethink how it will resonate with your recipients before sending.

Corporate Holiday Cards


Send Anything You Can Imagine With Postal

We want to ensure our Marketplace has everything you need to get the most out of your holiday gifting campaigns. Listed below are some of the categories we offer. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always request a vendor here as well.

Send Anything You Can Imagine With Postal