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Postal Partners

Postal offers special incentives and resources to individuals, organizations and agencies that want to share the power of Postal's direct mail and gifting platform with their community.

Which Partner Program is right for you?

Agency Partners Referral Partners Integration Partners
Overview: Certified partnerships are available for digital marketing agencies. With Postal, you’ll be able to increase the value of your service offering through the addition of offline channels, offer clients access to a cost effective software platform and improve client retention through measurable results. Referral partnerships are available for individuals, organizations and associations. Refer friends, associates or anyone that would benefit from Postal's direct mail and gifting automation platform. Integration partners are CRM's, Sales Engagement Platforms, Account Based Marketing tools, or other sales/marketing automation tools. Integrations can focus on synching data and/or integrating Postal seamlessly into your current software's workflow.
  • Commission-based and discount-based incentives
  • Co-marketing and lead generation opportunities
  • Commission Incentives
  • Co-marketing and lead generation opportunities
  • Integration Partners automatically receive co-marketing and lead generation opportunities
Requirements: All agency partners must complete a 30-minute Postal partner training. NA Integration Partners may be requested by clients and partners, and are subject to the Postal development queue. The Postal team will review the scope of work requested. If the integration work can be prioritized, a scope of work and timeline will be established.
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Postal Results


Response rates when combining Postal with digital channels


Increase in meetings booked when Postal is part of your sequences


Reduction in sales cycles with Postal

Postal Integrations

Postal integrates with a wide variety of CRM, marketing and sales automation tools. Streamline your team’s offline marketing through Postal so you are optimized for efficiency!

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