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Deeper connections with Employees and Candidates

From boosting moral during the lows, to rewarding high performers during the highs, Postal can help you build a people-centric business.

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Improve employee moral

Whether the Slack channels have been quiet, or working remotely is taking a toll on company moral, sending a small gift to boost spirits can also increase productivity.

Reward high performers

Want to give something more unique than a desk trophy to the employee of the quarter? Or what about the rep who outperformed the rest? Showing your company's gratitude for hard work is much easier with Postal.

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Create an amazing company culture

Postal can help build a sense of community within your organization. Sending the occasional gift shows you care and empowers your employees to do what they do best - hustle!

Our productivity and connectivity has never been better thanks to Postal! We send wine to employees for a virtual tasting and everyone was raving about how fun it was! I've also used Postal to reward our remote sales reps to show our appreciation for their efforts. Selling during these times are hard and being able to send gifts across our organization has been the pick-me-up we needed. ”

Seth Shaw

Seth Shaw

Chief Customer Officer


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