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Postal By Persona

Easily and effortlessly build authentic connections

Sales Teams

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Improve your ability to book more meetings by inviting prospects to a virtual coffee.

Grab the attention of C-level prospects by sending them a personalized desk set from their alma mater.

Say "Thank You" when your prospect goes above and beyond, by donating to a charity they are passionate about.

Share knowledge by sending a book that is relevant to things your prospect or their company has posted.

Research a prospects hobbies and find a gift to send that would fit with their interests.

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Ditch the disorganized marketing closet (or shall we call it the home / office / swag closet?) and let Postal handle the logistics.

Boost attendance to your virtual events by sending themed packages to registrants prior to the event. This drives engagement and gets people excited to join your event. Virtual cocktail hour anyone?

Compliment win-back campaigns with customized notecards that tell your prospects how much you miss them.

Build triggers to help automate all your channels, including your offline efforts. For example, trigger a brochure or small gift to be sent when an email recipient clicks a designated call-to-action.

Customer Success

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Customer Success

Ensure attendance and engagement on your training calls by inviting your customers to a virtual lunch! Getting started with a new technology isn't too bad when you have a tasty meal to help keep you focused.

Celebrate milestones with your customers by sending them a celebratory box of chocolates or cookies. Let them know you care.

Show customers that they’re important and top of mind by sending them a handwritten note on their renewal, thanking them for their partnership and your excitement to continue working with them.

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People Ops

Welcome new team members with custom swag boxes that quickly transform a bland home office into a virtual team launchpad.

Congratulate your team when they hit their targets, get promoted, or have important life events. Send them a bottle of champagne or a custom award that shows how much you appreciate them.

Host weekly team events! Virtual wine tasting with a custom box of treats? Coffee & book club with coffee delivery? Morning yoga with a custom yoga mat made just for them? The ideas are endless!

People Ops

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Enhance the experience of new client onboarding meetings by sending a bottle of champagne to kick off the new relationship

Add gifting and direct mail to the outbound sequences of your clients to increase response rates and generate more leads

Improve your webinar follow up strategy by sending a book that relates to the content that you discussed

Learn how Postal can enhance your sales and marketing workflows with direct mail and gifting

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$20 Marketplace credit when onboarded by our team

Integrates with Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, and HubSpot

Manage your marketing closet

Actionable reporting and analytics

Automate sending with Triggers and Playbooks