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Improve customer acquisition and better engage with prospects

Boost conversion rates through direct mail and corporate gifting campaigns

Postal is the system of action for all your offline marketing needs

Leverage direct mail quickly and easily through Postal’s creation to delivery platform. It’s a single place for Team Management, Content Curation, and Workflow Automation

Team Management

Postal provides an easy way to manage users, budget, and hierarchy to control the spend of your offline strategy.

Single Sign On

Single sign on through Salesforce or Google SSO with permission pull through

Hierarchy Setup

Marketing and sales leadership can manage user access with multi-team hierarchy model with admins and users

Best-in-class Budgeting

Manage budget for individual users or team pooling with multiple billing options including invoicing for larger teams

Content Curation

Marketing and sales leadership can set pre-approved templates, designs, and Postal gifts for sales reps to access


Start designing Postals and get them ready to send in just a few minutes

Best-in-class Gift Options

Take advantage of our gifting marketplace to make a lasting impression

Personalized Handwriting

Use AI Handwriting and templates to streamline your process

Automation and Reporting

Integrate with your existing systems while Postal pushes back performance reporting and activity records on the contact records.


Integrate with your existing CRM systems like Salesforce, or Sales Automation platforms like Outreach, to trigger messages to go out automatically

Automated Workflows

Set up automated workflows that send targeted Postals to the right contacts, at the right time, with the right messaging

Cost Per Touch

Measure effectiveness of your Postals with our proprietary Cost Per Touch metrics and funnel impact

Seamless workflow integration

Marketing and sales teams can utilize direct mail and gifting in your existing workflows that are set up in your automation platforms

How Sales Uses Postal In Sequence

Generate leads with a personalized approach from the assigned rep that includes AI handwriting, branded content, and curated gifting playbooks

Create and Store Content

Marketing and sales leadership can set pre-approved templates, designs, and Postal gifts for sales reps to access

In Sequence Automation

Integrate with your existing systems like Salesforce or Outreach to trigger direct mail or gifts to go out automatically

Postal Anywhere Extension

Postal can be accessed on any site and will search your CRM for the contact and allow you to select and send the direct mail templates from that page

Stand out from the competition
Stand out from the competition

How Marketing Uses Postal In a Workflow

Nurture leads through your funnel with automated direct mail and gifting that is personalized to improve your buyer’s journey

Gifting and Direct Mail Options

Customize what to send at different stages in your funnel to engage customers and get them to move toward the decision phase

Marketing Automation Integration

Set up automated workflows that send targeted Postals at the right time, based on rules and criteria you set in your existing tools like HubSpot

Increase Response Rates

Overcome declining email response rates by adding Postal into your marketing mix to connect offline and improve engagement

Postal has become a crucial part of our ABM campaigns. We've been able to close twice as many high-value accounts that come into our funnel. Postal gives us an edge that our competition hasn't adopted yet, and allows us to effectively track everything our team sends!”

Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker

SVP Marketing


Premium support to guide you on how to maximize your offline engagement

Phone, email, and live chat. We’re always here to help via whatever medium is best
Guaranteed response times to allow you to quickly get help when you need it
Tiered pricing to provide you with the right level of support for your business

Easily send Postals through

Postal Results


Response rates when combining Postal with digital channels


Increase in meetings booked when Postal is part of your sequences


Reduction in sales cycles with Postal

Delight Your Customers With Unique, Curated Gifts and Experiences That Will Drive ROI

Gain access to a curated marketplace of over 500 unique gifts and experiences

Make your digital marketing efforts more effective

Use direct mail to build and accelerate your sales pipelines


increase in
pipeline creation


close rate increase


increase in
sales conversion

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