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Sales Engagement

Create More Meaningful Engagement Throughout Your Funnel

Leverage Postal to create deeper connections,
open more doors and move deals to close quicker.

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Boost the efficiency of your sales process

Sales cycles can last over a year. To expedite this process, you need differentiating touchpoints such as direct mail and gifts to compliment your digital strategy. Postal helps accomplish this with Triggers, a feature that automates gifts and mail in-sequence from your native sales platform.

Reach the “hard to reach” decision makers

Postal can help your sales team reach deep into the buying committees of organizations. Mail and gifts can add more value to your solution and messaging, enabling your reps to onboard more buyers and close larger deals.

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Establish more trust with your prospects

Creating meaningful impressions with Postal leads to more established trust within buying committees. 90% of businesses only buy from those who they trust. Personalized direct mail and gifts help communicate this when leveraged in tandem with digital strategies.

“Our ability to book meetings has grown dramatically since we started using Postal. We have seen over a 2x lift in meetings booked across our sales team in the first 60 days and we're leveraging the reporting data to further optimize our efforts.”

Alex German

Alex German

VP Sales