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Virtual Events

Host Virtual Events that Drive Revenue

Enhance your virtual events by providing unique gifts and experiences for your attendees. Postal can help you with virtual wine tastings, mixology classes, chocolate tastings and more.

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Increase attendance

Boost interest in your virtual events and get people excited to attend. Companies using Postal to create unique experiences have seen a 25% attendance lift for their events.

Differentiate from your competition

Create one of a kind virtual events that help set you apart from your competition. Build authentic connections and provide memorable experiences that will generate results.

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Improve engagement

Don't settle for traditional boring events with little to no interaction. Make your virtual events an enjoyable experience that allow people to be active and engaged.

“We have been able to elevate our virtual events thanks to Postal. Not only are we able to get more people to sign up and attend, but we have also loved how often attendees share their experience on social media and talk about how fun it was to participate. ”

Steven Ebin

Steven Ebin

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer


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