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Postal’s Event Marketplace is packed with unique experiences that include event kits shipped directly to your attendees. Physical touch points are proven to increase pre-event engagement, anticipation and live attendance.

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Bring Sales Teams to the Table

It takes an average of 8 touches to get an initial meeting with a new prospect. With Postal’s experience marketing platform, event invitations can be easily sent directly from the assigned sales or CX reps to add authentic touch points pre and post event, accelerating pipeline velocity.

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“When it comes to planning virtual events, the Postal.io Events platform is a one stop shop! From finding event vendors, creating a registration landing page, driving attendees, and tracking your event supplies shipments, Postal.io provides everything all in one place. The amount of time saved from a logistical standpoint allows you to really focus on the event experience and prepare your team for an amazing event.”

Alex Yoder

Alex Yoder

Head of Field Marketing

Alex Yoder

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Save time and start testing gifts without any integrations

Pick an event

Marketplace events are searchable by experience type, budget, lead time and number of attendees to perfectly match your event goals.

Instantly increase your email performanc

Send Invites

Postal users can send invitations to select groups or contacts and see instantly when their attendees accept.

Instantly increase your email performance

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Add the streaming link of your choice into your postal invitation and watch the registrations come rolling in while shipping logistics are automatically managed.


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Event Marketplace

Sales Engagement

Experience Booking

Customer Experience

Integrations with event * streaming software

Account-Based Marketing

Unlimited Attendees

Account-Based Marketing

Personalized Invitations (vs Sales Originated Invitations)

Account-Based Marketing

Pre-Event Engagement

Account-Based Marketing

Logistics for Event Experience

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Curated events that delight your customers

Gain access to a marketplace of unique events

Have an on-demand virtual playbook

Enhance your relationships and create authentic connections

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