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Postal customers see a 3x growth in pipeline with personalization that increases sales velocity and drives ROI.


Manage all offline and event spend in one location, distribute budget to teams or users, and pay by invoice or credit card

Address Confirmation
Address Confirmation

Postal will verify existing addresses and capture addresses of where your contacts are working

Concierge Service

Work with our creative specialists to design and source unique company branded experiences that your team can access through Postal

Boost the outcome of just about anything.

Direct mail, corporate gifts and memorable virtual event experiences are proven to increase:

Funnel Conversions

Event Engagement

Sales Revenue

Customer Loyalty

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Deliver Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

Create memorable customer experiences across your marketing channels by adding offline engagement and virtual events.

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What Our Customers Say

Jenny S

Jenny S

Executive Assistant

U.S. Legal Support

Star Ratings
Postal is fantastic - especially after using Sendoso for too long.

I like the ease of use and UX on how to send gifts to your customers. You are able to set a budget as an admin, integrate with your CRM (we use Gmail and HubSpot), and send postals from a Chrome extension as well. In addition, Postal.io is a young company and hungry for feedback. During our evaluation process, virtually any request that we made were added to the backlog and we were able to see results quickly.

Katie B

Katie B

Director of Marketing


Star Ratings
Experiential Marketing Made Easy

The product is also super easy to use, clean, and our reps love it. We have used similar products in the past, and we're finding that our reps like Postal the best. I love all of the options they have in the marketplace that we can make available to our team. Lots of thoughtful options!

Christine T

Christine T

Chief Operating Officer


Star Ratings
Quick, easy solution for sending gifts to your customers and prospects!

We have been looking for an affordable tool to send handwritten thank you notes and gifts to clients. Through Postal, I can now send a note with our logo and design that appears handwritten. It looks great and couldn’t have been easier to do. I’ve shared the tool with my co-workers and we are all hooked. Simple, cost effective and elegant. We are very pleased.

Kelsie S

Kelsie S

Head of Marketing


Star Ratings
Great, affordable platform with flexibility.

Postal’s platform is flexible and allowed us to justify the expense of the platform, and base our volume expectation to build an ROI model for direct mailing. The team is also very responsive and willing to take feedback and product suggestions.

Aly W

Aly W

Digital Marketing Manager

Aunt Bertha

Star Ratings
Easy to work with!

The ease of setting up a campaign, importing all materials, and clicking a button while they take care of the rest! And the ability to tracking. I love looking through the numbers and seeing how quickly everything gets delivered.

Ditch your swag closet

Your centralized corporate marketplace in the cloud, distributed teams can easily pick and send approved swag to just about anyone. Pre approve budgets by team or individuals to easily track and manage your total spend.

Get Your Swag On

Integrate and Automate

Postal’s experience platform integrates with your tech stack to automate the right sends, at the right time, for the right people without a trip to the post office (because that doesn’t scale).







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Delight your customers with unique, curated gifts and experiences that will drive ROI

Gain access to a curated marketplace of over 300 unique gifts and experiences

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