Create Authentic Connections

Scale your sales and marketing direct mail workflows to make authentic connections offline with your customers

Full suite platform from creation to delivery powers direct mail with machine learning, customizable workflows and human-like personalization to create experiences that drive conversions.

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Manage Users and Budgets

Built for teams of 1 to 1,000, managers can budget spend for the team or individuals.

Address Verification

Verify your contact’s addresses from your existing system upon import. Don’t have addresses? No problem, Postal sends branded emails capturing your contact’s work from home addresses.

Create and Store Content

Build a collection of approved direct mail, gifts, and message templates for your team that are customized to your brand.

Gift Marketplace

Approve curated gifts for your team from top specialty vendors and send through gift emails or direct in one system.

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AI Handwriting

Choose from a variety of our handwritten fonts to further personalize your message.

Drip Marketing

Select multiple direct mail pieces or gifts to be sent over time to increase response rates and engagement.

Chrome Extension

No matter where you are at online, Postal can help you quickly create a contact, access your approved templates and send direct mail via your web browser.


Analyze which users and Postals are performing best, so you can optimize and improve campaigns.

“Postal has built the ultimate system for managing offline marketing. In addition to controlling and tracking our ABM spend, it increases the conversion rates of the sales teams.”

Seth Shaw

CRO - Invision

Seamless workflow integration

Marketing and sales teams can utilize direct mail and gifting in your existing workflows that are set up in your automation platforms

How Sales Uses Postal In Sequence

Generate leads with a personalized approach from the assigned rep that includes AI handwriting, branded content, and curated gifting playbooks

Create and Store Content

Marketing and sales leadership can set pre-approved templates, designs, and Postal gifts for sales reps to access

In Sequence Automation

Integrate with your existing systems like Salesforce or Outreach to trigger direct mail or gifts to go out automatically

Postal Anywhere Extension

Postal can be accessed on any site and will search your CRM for the contact and allow you to select and send the direct mail templates from that page

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